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Saturday, June 19, 2010

President, "No Decision is a Decision"---Make A BEST 1st Decision, then make it the RIGHT decision!

1st, the baseline that my comments come from being military "brained & trained"; and having switched MOS's (Military Occupational Specialties) 3X in an effort to get into the scrap in 'Nam---my parents were WWII vets & I was raised on "Duty, Honor, Country" & the adage that "No Decision is a Decision" for which you will be held accountable, you see:
* Leaders (properly trained & qualified to direct combat or deal with critical business & societal issues) have to act quickly based upon the best information they have at hand----MAKE THE BEST DECISION; and MAKE IT QUICKLY!
* Once Leaders have made the Best 1st decision with the best information at hand, they also truly set themselves apart by the assembling the best resources ("talents" & Subject Matter Experts) to help them MAKE THAT BEST DECISION into THE RIGHT DECISION---
---this cannot effectively be done without the 1st BEST choice; as once you've made a decision and you head down a particular path of the "Decision Tree", new evidence that will help you quickly "adjust" your actions comes into view that cannot be adequately identified or even recognized while stuck in the "no-man's land of indecision"
---you also have the advantage of drawing out a bunch of "Monday morning quarterbacks" (us Engineers/analysts either lost in analysis-paralysis or lacking the guts to step into positions of responsibility/accountability requiring we stick our necks out to make a decision in the 1st place)...who are very adept @ finding vulnerabilities in your initial BEST decision!

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