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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"When Pigs Fly"....the 'ole pig farmer awakens!

For the past couple of years, I have been very busy trying to stay astride my scoop shovel; while careening down the "slippery slope" our society is clearly headed down at an ever increasing rate---aka "Accelerating". (You young'ns, ask Grandpa or Grandma how much fun it can be to ride down a steep, snowy slope on a scoop shovel--with only a bare minimum of control over your impending "destiny"!) I had to share that; so that you would get the proper understanding of my up close and personal perspective of screaming down a snowy hill with you butt (and the rest of your physique) quite literally "on the fine line" between a short thrilling ride and losing a hunk on your backside on that rock that just happened to pop up through the snow on the 2nd or 3rd pass....or as I discovered near Breckenridge, a tangle of evergreen bushes that quite literally took the whole backside out of my ski suit; when I straggled them in a half-sit position perfecting my cross-country skiing form! Now, honestly is it much of leap to migrate from that picture to what we've feeling in our society today, folks---flying pigs up to 300#, wow! I used to have all I could do to get them up the loading chute and on their way to pork chops; without becoming their meal in the process....the only thing alligators have on hogs when they get you in their grip is that they can spin & roll faster! So, all you attorneys out there wishing to advance your reputations & fatten your piggybanks, get in line to file the lawsuits on behalf of the folks that become part of lunch for those 300# hogs the FAA is allowing on planes now. Many of us get upset with crying babies that become uncomfortable with cabin pressure changes; but hogs really get agitated from similar stimuli--tending to take a bite out on anything or anyone nearby!


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