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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Rising tide raises all boats"

This a great time of opportunity in Sioux Falls for which we have a man by the name of T. Denny Sanford to thank.
Mr. Sanford has committed to provide $400 million to what is now known as Sanford Health System & USD School of Medicine.
Few recognize that in effect Mr. Sanford has become a "Venture Capital Partner" for all who own homes or businesses in Sioux Falls.
By providing these funds, and the potential of more in the future, he has also underwritten the creation of a new Pediatric Hospital and a planned string of 6-20 Pediatric clinics to be built around the world.
The recently announced 185+ acre Sanford Research Park for which ground will be broken in 2008, is inspiring the funding of new startups as well as the expansion of current medical technology "commercialization" firms geared for collaborations with Sanford Researchers.
Avera Health System has also quietly been expanding its research efforts on several fronts; including a sizable donation to SDSU's college of Pharmacy headed by Brian Kaatz, Pharm-D & his assistant, Dennis Hedge.
Bottom line, you should at least own a home in Sioux Falls to leverage the value gains to be realized from these projects and the prolific healthcare & research professionals that will be attracted to Sioux Falls.
If you have the resources, I'd advise the purchase of additional real estate; and if possible a business serving the higher-income professionals that will be joining us in large numbers.


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