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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sioux Falls Times---introduction, a story or two

At the request of some that don't realize what they are getting into, I've decided to share a few recollections of my history around Sioux Falls, S.Dak. since the mid 1960's.

I first came to our thriving and growing mini-metropolis, known as FSD by air travelers, to help destruct and then reconstruct Minnesota Ave.---particularly the removal of the boulevard running up the hill from about 4th St. on north; and the widening of the entire road to 4 lanes plus.

A friend of mine from that time was not sad to see the boulevard go. It seems she happened to spin her mother's brand new '64 Pontiac Starchief end-for-end on early morning frost about 1/2 way down the hill without putting a scratch on it----no small task with one of those big boats!

Another memorable occasion was when the dozer operator for Kelly Bros. was backfilling along about a 20 ft. deep trench into which a 72in. storm sewer was being installed; and tipped the CAT into the trench sideways on top of the pipe bright and early one morning.
He just calmly rode her out---kept jockeying the nearly rolled over dozer back and forth; until he got it upright and down off of the pipe without incident. Unfortunately for the adept yet somewhat drunk operator, Daryl Kelly fired him up on the spot!


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