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Monday, July 20, 2009

Oligarchy in Washington becoming Oligopoly.....1st solution is "Localization"

Having lived in 7 decades does provide one with a very unique set of "rear view mirrors".....
1st---we Boomers have clearly abdicated our roles as Responsible Citizens on our watch by electing folks to powerful positions in D.C., then no longer holding them accountable.
2nd---they have in turn taken such good care of our futures that they've created what could best be termed an "Oligarchy of elitists" who've written each other special healthcare & retirement benefits not available to us Taxpayers; but for which we're generously "allowed" to pay!
3rd---the Oligarchy has been carefully morphed into a true Oligopoly "of, by & for the corporations" through which our elected leaders of the Federal Government have become very adept (and certainly not personally accountable) @ extracting major "donations" from lobbyists.
.....the 1-2 "whack to the side of the head" for this old farm boy came about; when I learned that Fannie & Freddie had lobbyists on their payrolls & I got to review the cast of players who actually benefited from their efforts....Mr. Dodd, Ms. Clinton, Mr. Obama, Mr. McCain!

My "solution" is what Michael Porter, Economist who discovered some very unqiue Economic Clusters, has termed "Localization". I have been blessed with a great rolo-dex of God-fearing, ethical, family-oriented business & personal friends who are willing to be painfully honest when recommending others to me and me to them. My world is built upon the concept that two people may not know each other; but there is certainly a third "nearby" who knows the other two----occasionally reminded my offspring that such could work for them or against them!



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