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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

California is going to save the USA....with a little help from Palin

Our special friends & family in the great state of California have had just the right ingredients for creating an effective "model of independence" that would make the founding Fathers of this great country very, very proud.
Gov. Arnold may have to enlist a bit of help from Gov. Palin from Alaska to get it moving; but CA could quite easily overcome its deficit and become both energy & economically independent by "harvesting" the ample natural resources it controls----starting with the crude oil actually causing ocean pollution off Santa Barbara.
It appears that the "financial pains" of the state budget deficits are going to motivate the Gov. and the Legislature to finally stand up to the "tree huggers"---whose predictions & motivations have been proven to be largely fabrications for some time.
With the economy of CA ranking from 10th to 5th in the world, the scalability of energy independence proven there will most certainly be evolved into a nationwide freedom-saver for all of us--especially our kids, grandkids!


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