Sioux Falls times---"The Light @ end of YOUR Tunnel"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

An amazing time after an amazing winter!

I just noticed that the little bit of snow left across the front of the house is not over 3', I do not have to use both rearview mirrors to back my car through the slot between the drifts to get out of the driveway and the trees are actually budding---I guess it truly is Spring!
Today I had the opportunity to partake in two different sessions that would be difficult & risky in most of the world----freely able to listen to the candidates' forum for Mayor of Sioux Falls sponsored by the League of "Women Voters"; and to hear some well-versed friends discuss "Religion & Politics" @ Barnes & Noble. (a little gathering that I kicked off nearly 3-years ago)
We are truly living in an interesting time: 1.) Voters in Sioux Falls are telling would-be Mayors that they will get their votes; when they get the pot holes in the streets fixed---not only because of the damages to their vehicles; but to improve the "greeness" of the city through increased car & bus efficiencies! 2.) Survey reported on FOX news last night showed that "68% of voters are in favor of totally replacing everyone in the U.S. Congress"---largely because they seem to think they know more about what's best for us than we do; particularly as it relates to healthcare!
I find it amazing that our leaders on Wall Street & in Washington alike have no hesitation to continue to heap financial burdens on our kids, grandkids to line their pockets today. They are clearly looking out of the backs of their eyeballs....forgetting the meaning of the phrase "For the Greater Good". (such a malady has not undermined folks willing to help others here in SD)
I do not envy the future discussion they have to look forward to with God and/or St. Peter at the Pearly Gates!